About Us

Founded in 1995, Corticeira Viking is a Portuguese company that resulted from a joint venture between a Swedish distributor and a Portuguese manufacturer of cork products.

At first, the activity was focused exclusively on the trade of cork products, but the leadership soon realized that producing indoor would bring more profitability to the company and would allow for a more efficient response to customer's needs.

In a sustained way, the company has been endowing itself with the appropriate machinery, expanding its facilities, investing in human resources and in general, creating conditions to achieve its main goal, which is: customer satisfaction.

We use to say that nothing is impossible and we tend to give a positive answer to all requirements, even the most complicated ones.

What we produce

The product diversity and versatility, in such areas as houseware, tableware, industrial items, wine and lifestyle products, gives Corticeira Viking a leading edge in a highly competitive market.

Through the years, the company has shown flexibility and openness to adapt to different market needs, showing its ability to respond to new trends. Nowadays, we can proudly say that we can produce a bench or a table for the home, a yoga block and a yoga mat, a lady's wallet, an umbrella, or even a wine cooler! All based on this incredible material that is cork.

In addition, the company has shown the capacity to respond to specific customer requests, either by producing items with personal design or by presenting unique packaging and stamping solutions.

Worldwide Presence

Over the years, Corticeira Viking has been attended at several international fairs, presenting its products to all over the world, not only with the aim of reaching new customers and new markets, but also to make known this unique and special material that is cork.

We've consistently participated in the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt, the leading trade fair for consumer goods. Furthermore, we've also invested in participating in fairs that take place in different markets and segments, such as the Interior Life Style Fair in Japan or the Maison & Objet Fair in Paris, dedicated mainly to the home decor segment.

Currently, Corticeira Viking exports to around 40 different countries which represents nearly 90% of the company’s sales.



To develop innovative and differentiated cork products, in a socially and environmentally responsible way, in order to satisfy the most diverse needs of our customers.



To be a company of reference in the cork market, recognized as the best option for customers, through the quality and differentiation of our products.



• Quality
• Innovation
• Product diversity
• Initiative
• Social and environmental responsibility


• Market quality products;
• To promote to all persons and companies that work for and with us, the legal compliance with the nine requirements of the SA8000 norm, namely: Child Labor, Forced and Compulsory Labor, Health and Safety, Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hours and Remuneration;
• To develop labor practices that comply with the international instruments subscribed by the SA8000 norm, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of the International Labor Organization and other international human rights;
• Comply with national laws, local laws, and industry and company regulations;
• To promote actions that contribute to the continuous improvement of the commitments assumed herein and that take part of the management system.